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Bacteriophage as Pollution Indicators

by Charles P. Gerba

Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science
University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona 85721

The Bacteriophages, 2nd edition (2006)
Richard Calendar -- Oxford University Press

Figure 45-1: Concentrations of viruses and phages in the environment.  (tif)
Table 45-1: Definitions for indicator and index microorganisms of public health concern (pdf file).
Table 45-2: Major bacteriophage groups considered appropriate virus models in the environment (pdf file).
Table 45-3: Typical concentrations of enteroviruses, bacteriophages and fecal bacteria in domestic, hospital and slaughterhouse wastewater (pdf file).
Table 45-4: Commonly used for assessment of water quality (pdf file).
Table 45-5: General features of bacteriophage proposed in water quality assessment (pdf file).
Bibliography: References cited by chapter (pdf file).
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