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The Listeria Bacteriophages

by Martin J. Loessner and Richard Calendar

Institute of Food Science and Nutrition
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Center
Schmelzbergstrasse 9, CH-8092 Zürich, Switzerland

The Bacteriophages, 2nd edition (2006)
Richard Calendar -- Oxford University Press

Figure 37-1: Electron micrographs of different Listeria bacteriophages, belonging to different morphotypes and species.  (tif)
Figure 37-2: Alignment of the genetic maps from the temperate Listeria monocytogenes phages PSA, A118, and the cryptic prophage fEGDe.  (tif)
Table 37-1: Present Status of Listeria phage taxonomy, and main virion characteristics (pdf file).
Bibliography: References cited by chapter (pdf file).
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