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The T7 Group

by Ian J. Molineux

Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology
University of Texas at Austin, Texas 78712

The Bacteriophages, 2nd edition (2006)
Richard Calendar -- Oxford University Press

Fig. 20-1: A. Electron micrographs of T7, SP6, and K1-5. B. Cryoelectron micrograph of a tailless T7.  (tif)
Fig. 20-2: Schematic of the genetic organization of bacteriophage T7.  (tif)
Fig. 20-3: Proposed mechanisms for TR duplication.  (tif)
Table 20-1: Frequencies of recognition sites in γC31 and γBT1 for Streptomyces and Saccharopolyspora restriction endonucleases. (pdf file).
Bibliography: References cited by chapter (pdf file).
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