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Single-Stranded RNA Phages

by Jan van Duin and Nina Tsareva

Department of Biochemistry
Gorlaeus Laboratories, Leiden University
P.O. Box 9502, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands

The Bacteriophages, 2nd edition (2006)
Richard Calendar -- Oxford University Press

Fig. 15-1: Genetic maps of four representative ssRNA phages.  (tif)
Fig. 15-2: Virus representations…  (tif)
Fig. 15-2a: …Schematic representation of a Levivirus.  (tif)
Fig. 15-2b: E. coli bacterium with F-pili to which many MS2 phages have attached.  (tif)
Fig. 15-3: RNA secondary structure in the central part of MS2 RNA.  (tif)
Fig. 15-4: Structure in the 5' UTR of MS2 RNA.  (tif)
Fig. 15-5: RNA structure at the coat gene start in Qβ and MS2.  (tif)
Fig. 15-6: Localisation of major Qβ polymerase (R) and host factor (H) binding sites in the M site region (RD1) of Qβ RNA.  (tif)
Fig. 15-7: Collection of pseudorevertants obtained after passaging Qβ mutated in its 3' TD through wt or HF deficient host.  (tif)
Fig. 15-8: Evolution of the stabilized coat-protein initiator-hairpin.  (tif)
Fig. 15-9: Evolutionary reconstruction of the deleted coat-protein initiator-hairpin in MS2 RNA...  (tif)
Fig. 15-9a: ...at the sequence level.  (tif)
Fig. 15-9b: …at the level of secondary structure.  (tif)
Fig. 15-10: Evolution of MS2 mutant AL20 containing multiple point mutations in the replicase operator hairpin.  (tif)
Fig. 15-11: Acceptance or rejection of various RNA structure elements introduced in a non-coding region of MS2.  (tif)
Fig. 15-12: Comparison of RNA secondary structures in the 3' UTR in four representative RNA phages.  (tif)
Fig. 15-13: Proposed phylogenetic tree for the single-stranded RNA phages.  (tif)
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