Figure 14-2: The genome of PM2 in a linear form. The circular genome is cut from a unique EcoRII site and the nucleotide coordinates are defined in (30). (A) Promoters (P) and putative transcription terminators are presented. The genome is organized into three operons. Promoter P1207 is responsible for the transcription of the immediate early operon, which is transcribed to the opposite direction than rest of the operons. The early operon is under the control of P1193. The late promoter, P5321, promoting the expression of the virion structural components is activated by two phage-encoded transcription factors P13 and P14. (B) The genes are designated with Roman numerals and the ORFs with Arabic letters. For functions of the genome-encoded proteins see Table 14-1. (C) Denotes the 1.2 kb long region similar to the Pseudoalteromonas sp. plasmid pAS28. (for better image quality, click here for tif image, which may be quite large; may also require screen refreshing plus special software to view; or view larger tif in separate window)

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Lipid-Containing Bacteriophage PM2, the Type-Organism of Corticoviridae