Figure 2-5: Selected isometric and filamentous phages. (a) E. Coli microvirus fX174, x 297,000. (b) Tectivirus 37-64 of Thermus sp., note inner membrane and deformed particles; x 297,000. E. coli levivirus R17 adsorbed to pili, x 148,500. Inovirus H75 of Thermus thermophilus, x 92,400. Bars indicate 100 nm. Uranyl acetate (a) and phosphotungstate (b, c). (for better image quality, click here for tif image, which may be quite large; may also require screen refreshing plus special software to view; or view larger tif in separate window)

Figure 2-1, Figure 2-2 ( abc ), Figure 2-3 ( abcde ), Figure 2-4 ( abcdef ), Figure 2-5 ( abc,  d )

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