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Classification of Bacteriophages

by Hans-W. Ackermann

Department of Medical Biology
Faculty of Medicine, Laval University
Qc G1K 7P4, Quebec, Canada

The Bacteriophages, 2nd edition (2006)
Richard Calendar -- Oxford University Press

Fig. 2-1: Schematic representation of major phage groups.  (tif)
Fig. 2-2: Selected myoviruses…  (tif)
Fig. 2-2A: Bacillus megaterium phage G.  (tif)
Fig. 2-2B: …Giant unknown bacteriophage.  (tif)
Fig. 2-2C: Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus phage f1402.  (tif)
Fig. 2-3: Myoviruses and siphoviruses…  (tif)
Fig. 2-3A: Staphylococcus hyicus phage Twort.  (tif)
Fig. 2-3B: …Coliphage RB69.  (tif)
Fig. 2-3C: …"Killer particle" of Bacillus subtilis.  (tif)
Fig. 2-3D: …Phage NM1 of Sinorhizobium meliloti.  (tif)
Fig. 2-3e: …Bacillus subtilis phage f105.  (tif)
Fig. 2-4: Siphoviruses and podoviruses…  (tif)
Fig. 2-4A: …Staphylococcus aureus phage 6.  (tif)
Fig. 2-4B: Bacillus subtilis phage BS5.  (tif)
Fig. 2-4C: Salmonella typhimurium phage P22.  (tif)
Fig. 2-4D: Bacillus sp. phage GA-1.  (tif)
Fig. 2-4e: …Coliphage Esc-7-11.  (tif)
Fig. 2-4f: Lactococcus lactis ssp. cremoris phage KSY1.  (tif)
Fig. 2-5: Selected isometric and filamentous phages…  (tif)
Fig. 2-5A: E. coli microvirus fX174.  (tif)
Fig. 2-5B: …Tectivirus 37-64 of Thermus sp..  (tif)
Fig. 2-5C: E. coli levivirus R17.  (tif)
Fig. 2-5D: …Inovirus H75 of Thermus thermophilus.  (tif)
Table 2-1: Classification and basic properties of bacteriophages (pdf file).
Table 2-2: Selected properties of major phage groups (pdf file).
Table 2-3: Tailed phage genera (pdf file).
Table 2-4: Frequency of phages in bacterial phylogenetic divisions (pdf file).
Table 2-5: Host range of major phage groups (pdf file).
Bibliography: References cited by chapter (pdf file).
Suppl. 2-1: Phage Names 2000 (a list of phage names and classifications) (web site).
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